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Make: Peugeot

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Body Type: Vis-à-vis

Year of manufacture: 1898

Horse Power: 6

Cylinders: 2

Engine Number: 133

Car or Chassis Number: 428

VCC Dating Certicate: 2260

Brief History

Delivered new on 16 July 1898 to Sir David Salomons Bt., of Broomhill, Tunbridge Wells.
In "Motor Vehicles and Motors" (1900), this actual car was photographed and described as "a modern high speed, long distance motor vehicle".
Acquired in the early 1920's by Richard Shuttleworth, for his famous collection at Old Warden in Bedfordshire, it languished forgotten in a barn until the 1970's, when it was partly restored by Vernon Lowe. Acquired by the Loder family in 1995 it has now been fully restored to its 1898 condition in time for its 100th birthday.

Media History

London-Brighton Runs, November 1996 & 1997. Lac Leman 1997 and 1998, Brussels-Spa Centenary 1998

Points of Interest

Sir David Salomons was an enthusiastic and knowledgeable pioneer motorist and engineer. He was responsible for the petitioning parliament for changing the law permitting cars to be driven on the public highway without having a man walking in front! He bought new cars like other people buy new socks, and luckily had the fortune to do so! Sir David Salomons had been the second person to import a motor car into England in 1895 when he acquired a Type 9 Peugeot. Pleased with his earlier Peugeot, he ordered this Type 17 on 9 December 1897, specifying some detail changes, which Peugeot adopted on subsequent examples of the Type 17. He claimed that his car had a 6hp engine; (remember that 6 horses were ample to pull a large coach). In fact the engine has the capacity and power of about 10hp.

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