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Make: Daimler

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Body Type: Wagonette

A light four-wheeled vehicle with two lengthwise seats facing each other behind a crosswise driver's seat

Year of manufacture: 1897

Horse Power: 4

Cylinders: 2

Engine Number: 1193

Car or Chassis Number: 1197

VCC Dating Certicate: 597

Brief History

This is a Stirling Daimler. Stirlings of Hamilton ordered large quantities of Daimlers, both complete and in chassis form from the Daimler works at Coventry. Consequently there were a lot of Daimler cars north of the border before 1900.
The first English made Daimler took to the road in 1897, and the example in the collection is one of the earliest that survive in original condition. Most were converted to wheel steering and electric ignition using a contact maker and trembler coil.
This example always retained its tiller steering. Luckily, when acquired for this collection the burners for the tube ignition were found in the tool-box, and the car is now restored to its original specification. Victorian Daimlers were renowned for their plodding reliability, and their performance, albeit far from sporting, compared very favourably with the best horse-drawn vehicles of their day.

Media History

The Centenary London-Brighton Run, November 1996
Paris - Dieppe 1897-1997 Centenary, September 1997
Lac Leman; Tour du Leman, (120 miles), September 1997
The earliest known owner was Andrew Wright of Bainsford, Falkirk, who first registered the car on 4 June 1905, and used it around Falkirk as a local minibus. Its history for the next few years is unknown until it was owned by John Gibson of Bonnington Road, Edinburgh.
It was sold at Sotheby's in November 1965, by Fred Hodgkinson and purchased by J.V.Murcott who drove it on many "Brighton's" in the 1970's. Acquired by the Loder family in 1996

Points of Interest

Price new; £ 370
Engine; Vertical twin cylinder, Panhard type. Mounted at the front.
Bore & Stroke; 90 mm X 120 mm
Capacity; 1527 ccs
Ignition; dual ignition; Hot Tube & Electric using 6v. Trembler Coil & Spark plugs.
Gears; 4-speed sliding gears. One lever selects forward, neutral and backwards; the other lever selects 1st, 2nd, 3rd, & 4th gears
Performance; 15 m.p.h. maximum.
Cooling; semi-rotary water pump, large water tank at rear
Brakes; contracting brakes on rear wheel drums, and "spoon" brakes on the rear tyres.

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