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Make: Stephens

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Body Type: Dogcart

Back-to-back seating arrangement for four people, and room under the seat for luggage/dog

Year of manufacture: 1898

Horse Power: 8

Cylinders: 2

Brief History

Built by Richard Stephens and modified by him in 1899 and 1900. His son R.J.Stephens helped build the car. It was used as part of their Stephens Taxi fleet around Clevedon, It was extensively rallied by R.J.Stephens from 1927-1969, and by Robin Loder in more recent years, particularly in numerous "London-Brighton" Runs, frequently being the first to reach Brighton.

Media History

In 1927, the Daily Sketch organised what they called "The Old Crocks Race" from London to Brighton; the 1898 Stephens won a Gold Medal for its performance.
1995 Evelyn Ellis Rally, the celebration of the centenary of the first recorded motor journey in the British Isles. 1898 Stephens
Also appeared (briefly) in the film "Genevieve", you can see Mr Stephen next to his car as they reverse into start position at the begining of the run.
And starred in the film "The Magic Box" the biographical film of J.L.Baird, the inventor of television.

Points of Interest

This car is probable first "all-British motor car" without any French and German components

Performance; the engine is high-revving and can exceed 2000rpm, giving a bottom gear speed of about 12mph, and a top speed of over 40 mph. An average speed of 30 mph is typical.
This is very fast for an early car. one could say it is first high performance British motor car.

Engine;Flat twin transverse mounted across the back of the car. Cylinder heads to front.
Fuel; 0.680 highly volatile spirit, operating in a vaporiser.
Gears;Belt drive transmission with 2 belts running between "fast & loose" pulleys giving 2 forward speeds.Manual reverse,hopefully supplied by the passengers.

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